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Ensinator ManufacturerProduct Description

Medical disposables destroyer, model FSD-8A

Function: comprehensive destroying of medical waste including syringe, infusion set, infusion bottle, infusion set needle, blood bag, vessel, speculum, test tube, microtiter plate, culture dish, dilution cup, syringe tips, uterine neck simpler, etc.

Breaking speed: 190 to 250kg per hour

Size: 880*650*850mm

Way of operation: put in from upper side

Inlet size: 300*300mm

Electricity: 380V, 50Hz plus-minus 1Hz

Power: 3000VA

Environmental temperature: 5 to 40 degree celsius

Relative humidity: less equal 90%

Hull material: stainless steel

Waste container:

  • 360*270*210mm
  • Electricity leakage protecting
  • Over heat protecting
  • Overload protecting
  • Operating inferface low voltage (Save voltage) protecting
  • Error automatic promoting
  • No flash over or puncture in pressure proof testing
  • Stable running, no struck in normal breaking.
  • Multi-class rolling and cutting to break, which is with high efficiency and no noise
  • The whole breaking process is in closed condition, no furnace dust, to pollution to the working nvironment

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